Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another by Cik Lela

Here we go. Please answer the questions in English. Oh no my English is bad!!! haha... Here comes another tag by Cik Lela. Luv to tag me huh?

1.You must answer all the questions.

2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz.

Nadeleot (u still owe me 3 + 1 tag!!! haha)

1. What’s your full name?

2. Do you hate someone at this moment?
Nope. Always forgive on what people did to u...Insya-Allah u will be happy (^_^)

3. What makes you hate her/him?
Should I answer this question??

4. You love your family?

100% yes. Without a shadow of doubt...

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love.

who know me and be friend with me during my life at
- kindergarten (Tadika Sri Molek)
- primary school (SKTS)
- secondary school (SMAI)
- matriculation (KMK)
- university (UMP)

6. Why do you love them?
They are friends of mine of course i luv them...they give me a reason to understand what a meaning of friend and life =)

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?
Both. Couldn't choose between two of them. They shinning my life and without them how can I breath in this worldly life~

8. Did someone make you cry this week?
Nope. For a long time no tears rolling down on my cheeks. Happy huh???

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?
Couldn't recall. Just a moment maybe...

10. Do you like someone at this moment?
Of course. Guest who??? (chuckle)

11. What was the last present you received?
Lot of things...

12. Are you missing someone?
Oh really miss them (family + old friends)...I missed a joy moment that we had shared together...if only the clock can turning back (impossible)!!!

13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?

None. I don't have any ex..

14. What was the last comment you received?
Check it out on my friendster, blog, tagged, multiply, hi5...blabla..internet addicted haha =P

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?
I wish I could be.....Let the secret kept between me n myself haha~

that's all...