Monday, November 17, 2008


Assalamualaikum and a good day...

For a long time I didn't post at my blog since the study week...
Alhamdullilah the exam already done without any just waiting for the result to coming out (lupdup - sound of heart beating hahaha..) TAWAKALTU A'LA ALLAH
Hurm actually no idea what to post on just trying to modify my blog...
how bout the new look? nice huh? hehe....actually just to kill my time...
getting bored staying here (UMP)..everyone already enjoy their holiday at home but me??? staying here like a dying person haha...staying alone here without my roommate luckily I have my classmate(DAYAH)she also didn't go home least I have someone I can chat to...insyallah i will go home by this 24 November after finish the programme...yeay can't wait to go home...really2 miss home so much...let's enjoy holiday it's time to release tension and have a brake before continuing the next semester...daaaaa~~~ =)


  1. ecah~~~
    cm ku kenal name classmate mu itu~~
    mesti comey orgnye kn? ekekeke =p