Monday, July 14, 2008

new spirit...

arghhhh...thick books to study on hehe~~~

Hi everyone.hmm....I think I should start with my first topic…hope it’s not to late to share with all of u my experience as a senior student aka ‘pelajar kanan’ at UMP.It almost one week I’ve been recognized as a senior I deserved a title of senior student??? Some say not when looking at my figure…a small girl with height not even reach to 150cm…quite short huh??? Sometimes when I met with my mum friends they even asked me which school I am…what form I am??? Sound sad...but proudly I answered them I am UMP student… second year student and taking bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (biotechnology)…haha they don’t believe me…sometimes I feel lucky to be in this kind of figure feel like ‘awet muda’ hehe….good huh???But what to do..I don’t asked to be small like this but always appreciate what God give to me… Allah always know what the best thing to us….what I think is physical doesn't show anything but what important is our spirit in doing something…we can see some people with a small body do a great thing..I hope I should be a part of them in the future..don’t underestimate people with small figure hehe……

So about this new semester I think it a little bit tough to me…new class….new classmate….new subject…new lecturer….new hostel room…argh… new room at 4th floor…need to climb up and climb down the stairs and high enough to make me a little bit slim for this semester hehe…..It was miracle I loss about 2kg after two weeks living in this new room….. hmm I think I should more focus on my study…I really2 enjoy my previous year and acting like a 'honeymoon' year….So I think it's a good time to turn to new leaf.... need to struggle for this semester as the subject is a little bit tough compared to previous semester….For this semester what I need to learn are fluid mechanic,chemical engineering thermodynamic, material energy balance,biochemistry.....hmm sound great to learn biochem but for those who doesn’t like to read and memorize it will turn to a tortured subject hehe…….who asked you to take this course of coz u need to study on this subject....sometimes feel frighten when heard to all the subjects name..some of the senior told me it was a killer subject…hope I can really score all the subjects,pass with flying colours n enjoy to learn the subjects n even prove it was not a bad subjects at all…that’s all for now see ya!!!

The time is coming semester with new spirit =)


  1. salam.

    "height not even 150" wah. adik. kamu kena makan coco crunch bnyk sikit ok?

    hahaha. ape kate kalau post entry baru guna MOZILLA FIREFOX, boleh buat grammar/spelling check. ^^

    dan sila lah cuba guna bhsa inggeris standard kalau nk buat entry dlm bhs inggeris. boleh improve-kn english ^^

  2. haaaa...i'm your second big brother.It is good for me to watch my little sister growing up.But the figure still the same hahahah.Good starting.After this, try to discuss more on related topic of your subjects.
    Sound complicated and interesting.

  3. coco crunch pon xda effect dah la hehe...thanx ats sumer komen yg membina...hope can improve my english :)